Wednesday, 18 April 2018

How BCC Differ from other : No PLC Charges on any Projects


PLCs (Preferential Location Charge)

A PLC is an additional cost that a buyer pays, for choosing a better location in an apartment complex. Hence, for example, to own an apartment that overlooks a park or is a corner plot, the buyer pays extra.
PLC is charged on a per sq ft basis, on the super built-up area of the apartment. Typically, each floor has a different PLC.
However, there is no regulatory framework in the country that governs PLCs. Consequently, the amount varies across different projects and developers. Usually, luxury projects that are located in prime areas like the heart of the city have a higher PLC.
If you are buying an apartment, you cannot escape paying for the PLC. For example, a corner apartment facing the park, will attract two PLCs – a PLC based on the floor chosen and a PLC for the park. A third PLC – for the corner location of the flat – may also be applicable.

How is PLC calculated?

The preferred location and the fee for it varies with the project type, location of the city and climatic conditions, the floor number etc. It depends on the size, location and alignment and construction quality. In the absence of standard rules that govern the laws relating to PLCs, developers strategize it the way they can apply PLC for each unit, in order to maximize the profit from sales. The amount of PLC charged varies across different developers and projects.

Now BCC Facts

BCC or Shri Balaji Construction Company is the only company known in Lucknow which takes NO PLC charges from any client.
Yes, It’s hard to believe or definitely gives you a reason of why and how is this company doing so?
But the answer is straight and simple Sri Balaji Construction Company offers their costumer with best support and tries to offer them the product ( Apartments, Flats, Plots, Commercial Space) in the lowest cost as possible.
This is what our Director Mr. Nawanshu Goyel Believe-
“It’s better to earn a business of 1 Rupee from 1000 happy costumer then to earn 1000 Rupees from 1.”
We believe a happy Costumer is the biggest earning a company can achieve. And most important- the biggest earnings of a company is not in the cheques that we get,
But the smiles that we spread.
And so now we proudly say that We Are SHREE BALAJI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND We are one of the Top most Brands in the Real Estate Market Today.

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