Friday, 1 September 2017

Shri Balaji Construction Company


From shri balaji construction company,  wish to all of you happy eidul-adha,
As such, we also spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for   BCC  that will be prospering 100 years in the future. Our Code of Conduct speaks to the best of who we are and is integral to our continuing efforts to build the character of our workforce and our Company. In addition, we take pride in building quality projects and value for our customers, as well as rewarding careers for our employees. Through our extensive Employee Development Initiative, we are building exceptional leaders. They in turn have built strong partnerships with a host of suppliers, subcontractors, banks, insurance companies, surety companies and as a result of our nationally recognized "Partnering" program with customers as well. The foundation for all these relationships is mutual trust and respect earned from many years of adherence to Balaji's Code of Conduct after giving good quality after sale service to the customers in Lucknow.
By strengthening its business management abilities through steps such as material procurement rationalization, and by providing the highest quality service through an integrated system covering throughout from marketing to design and construction, BCC construction company is working to make it possible for its Construction Business to continue successfully in a sustainable manner, even in the midst of the extremely difficult conditions in the construction industry.

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